Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not a big fan of...

Classmates.com is not very friendly. They want me to pay to see who wants to contact me.
This is what Facebook is for...contacting people...and its FREE.

This blog will also allow you to contact people if you so desire. Unfortunately this blog doesn't have the reach of Classmates.com nor the level of functionality.

But it is also FREE... and if you want to give out your contact information to someone...they will be able to see it without having to pay.


p.s. Whats that dude in the picture looking at?

The 20yr Reunion

E.R. Class of 1988 celebrates their 20th year of graduating and getting the hell out of Dodge.

JoAnn Talbot? appears to be one of the chief organizers of the event and has created a web page to let people know whats going on.


The whole event will take place at the Carousel in Big Lake, Mn.

I have been to (and through) Big Lake thousands of times and I have never seen this Carousel place.

Hey JoAnn, how 'bout a map? maps.google.com